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International Beauty Contest «Beauty of Earth 2018» starts casting around the world.

As of today, any woman with at least one child between the ages of 23 and 43 can take part in the qualifying round of the international annual beauty contest «Beauty of Earth 2018». The Organizing Committee of the competition will consider the applications of the participants within a month from the date of the start of the casting, after which the selected mothers will be admitted to the 1/8 finals, where the contestants will compete for the exit to the quarter-finals by Internet voting, which will be organized on the contest website. More


International project «Beauty of Earth» has a new corporate identity.

Today, the corporate identity of the new international beauty contest «Beauty of Earth» was completed, and the best designers of the world worked on its development. Joke...;)) Seriously, the corporate style was developed by the general producer of the competition Leonid Khromov. More


Launch of the new website of the international beauty contest «Beauty of Earth».


Registered domain name for a new international beauty contest «Beauty of Earth».